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Lynx Power Systems
"S" Series Gen-Set Technical Specifications

Please feel free to view spec sheets for the "S" Series Gen-Set

S Series Standard Features:

  • Auto/Off/Run Switch
  • Auto Start Digital Control Panel with Safety Shutdown and Indicator Lights
  • Battery Rack and Cables
  • Class H Insulation Re-connectable Generator with Lug-Landings
  • Electronic Governor (LP and NG)
  • Mechanical Governor (Diesel)
  • Radiator Over Flow Bottle

Optional Features:

  • Battery
  • Battery Heater
  • Battery Charger
  • Electronic Isochronous Governor
  • Engine Pre-Heater
  • Engine / Safety Control Indicators and Shutdowns Designed to Conform to NFPA 99 or NFPA 110 Specifications.
  • Industrial, Residential or Critical Exhaust Silencer
  • Limited Sound Attenuation
  • Lockable, Weather-Protective Enclosures
  • Main Line Circuit Breaker
  • Remote Alarm Annunciator
  • Road Ready DOT Trailers
  • Sub-Base-Mounted Fuel Tanks, Single-Wall and Double-Wall


  • UL Listed Automatic Transfer Switches.
  • Voltage Adjust Rheostat

Display and Controls On Panel:

Digital read out control system rated to operate from -30 C to 75 C with the following standard displays, shown continuously:

  • AC Amperage: Phase 1-2, Phase 2-3, Phase 3-1
  • Battery Voltage
  • Engine Temperature
  • Frequency
  • Fuel Level (Diesel Only)
  • Generator AC Voltage
  • Oil Pressure

Microprocessor based auto start meter / control panel

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